Have you ever seen the legendary salmon run and salmon spawning? Well, let us tell you that it’s worth it!

Every year as autumn closes in and the weather begins to change and cooler nights creep in, one of our favorite excursions is to visit a local Vancouver Island parks to watch the cycle of spawning salmon. It truly is one of the most extraordinary wonders of the natural world.

We have two favourite sports that are easily accessible. We recently went to Stamp River Provincial par which is tucked away in the Albrni Valley. The park is often overlooked by travelers but it is a hidden jewel treasured by locals.

The Stamp River is a major spawning site with over 40 million Pacific salmon and other fish battle their way up the Stamp River each fall. It begins in mid-August and continues right up until December. The fish battle upstream and across thirty foot falls which is a great attraction to people of all ages.

Stamp River also has a couple of excellent, well maintained walking trails and chances to spot other wildlife such as black bears.

Another one of our favorite spots is at the Little Qualicum spawning channels which is located just outside the town of Qualicum Beach. There are man-made channels and small fish ladder that was created as part of a steelhead recovery plan and restoration project. There are numerous trails to enjoy for walkers and bikers. You will see a variety of wildlife including Great Blue Herons and sometimes even cougars.

You will need a car to get to these parks to enjoy the salmon spawn. If you don’t have a vehicle you can get a quote and book a reservation request at Delta Car & Truck Rentals.

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