Great! So, finally, after days of careful deliberation, you have planned to go for a vacation. You have decided everything, from the destination, places to visit, to the hotel. In short, you have mapped out every detail. But wait, this is just the half of the story. A happy and comfortable journey much depends on the mode of transportation you choose which can make or break your trip.

It’s baffling to choose between various options, like reaching the destination by air and using public transport to get around or driving your own vehicle all the way to the destination or simply renting a car. While planning a trip a major dilemma faced by tourists is whether to rent a car or not.

Be it an extended family vacation, or an abroad business meeting, or just a ramble down the road, renting a car is a better option. This is because, as compared to other modes of transport, car renting has many advantages. Check out some reasons why choosing to rent a car on vacation might be the best decision for you.

  1. Speed and Ease

Any traveler with a limited amount of time wants to make most of out the trip and see almost every sight. But often we end up cutting things out of our itineraries due to the shortage of time. However, by renting a car, you can quickly get to the spots you want to visit without any hassle and get the most out of your adventures. A major drawback of public transportation is that a lot of your time goes wasted in planning, organizing, waiting in line and making stops along the way to different destinations. Moreover, with children, public transport may turn into a headache.

  1. Cheaper

Renting a car is usually a more economical choice, especially when traveling with your family or friends. Many people are tempted to drive their own vehicle to the destination to save few bucks. However, they don’t realize that they are only driving down the resale value of their vehicle by adding hundreds of extra miles on it. Apart from this, for your newly purchased car, a road trip could be an excellent time to test drive. However, you might hesitate to put thousands of miles on it in a week. If you are considering traveling in your own vehicle, don’t forget to calculate each and every cost, including gas mileage, vehicle depreciation, etc.

Some travelers opt for using public transport, considering it to be cheaper. However, by doing so, they don’t calculate the extra costs of all potential transfers and expenses of visiting any place that is out of town. After doing all the calculations, you will find that renting a car more cost-effective.

  1. Comfort and Freedom

If you want to reach your destination with a smile on your face and come back with satisfaction, renting a car is the best option. This is because it is always more comfortable to travel by car compared to any public transport. It gives you the comfort of reaching right at the very door of the monument, landscape or restaurant you want to go. Isn’t it comfortable to find a car waiting for you at the railway station or airport? Also, you get the comfort and joy of leg room and blasting your music.

Moreover, you will get an experience of a lifetime by visiting remote places, hidden trails or a restaurant with a view which are usually inaccessible by bus. It’s thrilling, yet amazing to explore outside of the common tourist-trap areas using a GPS system. By renting a car, you can move comfortably and freely where and when you want to.

  1. Safety

Unlike a common belief, a bus or a cab may not provide you the needed safety. This is because the public transport drivers are usually tired as they have been driving all the time. It’s tiring for both the driver, as well as, for the passengers to continuously travel for long hours without rest, or with a few small breaks. Moreover, as we all know, subway or train stations are the preferred places by mafias.

  1. Privacy

Holidays are a personal affair. Would you like someone listening to all your conversations all the time? Whether you choose a bus or a cab, you will always be surrounded by strangers. Couples always look for privacy and even when you are with your family you will need your personal space.

Among the numerous benefits of renting a car, one is it gives you the opportunity to enjoy an extended test drive of a car you are planning to buy. Vacations and road trips are all about having fun. Since every journey we take is not the same, so it’s important to select your mode of transportation accordingly. If it’s a long journey, you might want more leg room which you will find in an SUV. While for a romantic getaway, a flamboyant sports car is all that you need. Just imagine, speeding down the open road in a vehicle you love to buy but can’t afford. So, now after reading all these reasons, you know why choosing to rent a car might be the best decision for you.

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